S t e p h a n  A l t m a n


Steph is a songwriter, composer, and creative boss of bi-coastal music production company Mophonics. His songs and scores have been used in movies, by artists, and by almost every brand in these United States and beyond.


Born and raised in London, Steph grew up in the 80s, absorbing the cultural atmospheres of southern France from his mother, and gritty industrial Manchester from his father. As a child he learned classical guitar, cello and saxophone, but taught himself piano; as a teen he began writing and producing music. He moved to LA, where he founded music production shop Mophonics, with the aim of making records for brands. While writing songs and scores for feature films and advertisers, Steph built a Mophonics talent pool of composers and creatives who would go on to become household names in their own rights, as artists and songwriters.

He lives in Venice, CA with his wife and 3 kids.